Jewish Celebs Like Chelsea Handler, Al Franken, Sarah Silverman Vent On Social Media Over Election Results


Jewish writers and businessmen like Mark Cuban and David Frum do too.

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What do Chelsea Handler, David Frum, Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher, Mark Cuban, Bill Kristol, Al Franken, Michael Bloomberg and other Jews of prominence have in common? They are all regulars on Twitter and Instagram and have taken to social media to express their feelings over Tuesday’s Presidential election.

So what did they say? Well let’s start with the celebrities and go in no particular order.

Chelsea Handler has never been shy about expressing herself on social media. This applies both to her very strong political opinions and pushing the boundaries of what is allowed when it comes to nudity. She does not just bare her soul, that is.

So here she is on Instagram:

On Twitter Chelsea Handler commented on the close election results saying –

“We are going to count every vote in Pennsylvania. Democracy is counting every vote.”
“We have a path to victory and we are not allowing Donald trump to call any election until every vote is counted.”

And she encouraged people to keep on going out to vote tweeting, “Polling hours have been extended in some locations by ONE hour to 8PM<<< If you’re in line by 8PM you can still vote. Let’s make sure everyone knows to check.”

Actor Josh Gad was out supporting Joe Biden, mostly retweeting other people’s Tweets.

But he did make this divisive comment: “There can be two truths. Biden IS going to win this thing AND America has shown itself to be dangerously racist, pathetic and more willing to vote for hatred than their own lives. But at least we will get to fight another day.”

Famed director Judd Apatow retweeted a lot about the balloting and accused President Trump of sabotaging the US Postal Service to prevent voting by mail.

Seth Rogen who is not even an American – he’s Canadian – asked people not to get frustrated by long lines at the polling stations. He tweeted, “People of Arizona, PLEASE STAY IN LINE. If you’re in line, they must let you vote.”

Sarah Silverman has never been known to pull her punches. She tweeted, “Usually when a man steals children and keeps them in cages he goes to jail. But in America he is neck and neck for president.”

Comedian turned US Senator Al Franken a Democrat called for people to be patient while waiting for the final election results. He tweeted, “What do we want? Patience! When do we want it? Now! Patience! Now! Patience! Now!”
Remember he’s a comic.

Al Franken also sarcastically tweeted, “Downside of a @JoeBiden Victory – We may never see Trump’s healthcare plan.” And, “It’s time to stop taking Trump seriously and to start taking him literally.”

Comedian turned comic political pundit Bill Maher has been oddly silent. As of 1PM EST he hasn’t posted anything in more than 24 hours when he tweeted, “This is it, folks. We’ll see you on the other side.”

Mark Bloomberg who put millions of his own fortune into backing Joe Biden posted a zoom meeting with Harrison Ford in which they praised Biden for having empathy.

OK so these are all Hollywood people who are of course liberals and hate Donald Trump you are saying right now. So what about conservative people?

Well here is what Republican writer David Frum tweeted: “Will Trump find Republican allies to agree that the count should be stopped? Will the conservative judiciary Trump appointed allow him to do it? He seems to sense that if the count continues, he’s doomed.”

“You have no idea how badly I hoped I would never have to write, think, or talk about Donald Trump after tonight.”

Not lacking in conservative credentials, writer Bill Kristol tweeted, “Many Republicans insist they are disgusted by Trump’s threats, they just aren’t willing to say so publicly.”

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