Koret Foundation donates $2 Million for Bay Area Arts & Culture

 Koret Foundation Donates $2 Million For Bay Area Arts & Culture
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The Koret Foundation announced today a $2 million to support critical Bay Area arts venues re-open from the pandemic, and revitalizing a local arts/culture scene that has struggled over the past 18+ months.

The grants will go to 10 local arts organizations, including the San Francisco Symphony, SF MoMA, SF Opera and SF Ballet. The funding will help these and other venues safely reopen, bring back audiences that were lost during the pandemic, and help restore the Bay Area’s cultural vibrancy. 

In addition Koret Foundation will support education programs in local elementary, middle, and high schools.

“The arts sector has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, with the evaporation of in-person ticket revenue, and arts leaders have shown impressive resilience and creativity as they have managed through the crisis,” said Michael Boskin, president of the Koret Foundation.

“Now, it’s critical that we support our long-term grantees through the pandemic and beyond, to ensure that they’re not just able to survive, but to thrive, and to continue enriching our community for generations to come,” he said.

These grants, the announcement said, will give flexible, responsive funding to act as a catalyst for innovation. A path forward for the local arts and culture scene in the post-pandemic era.

This comprehensive approach will aid in the strengthening of the Bay Area’s critical pillars of arts and culture.