Israeli Pain Monitoring Startup Medasense Raises $18 Million


Imagine being unable to communicate at the time when doctors most need to know what is going on inside of your head.

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Israeli med-tech startup Medasense raised $18 million in a Series B round of funding. Sabadell Asabys venture capital firm (Asabys Partners, Spain), Israeli family offices, Baxter Ventures, Olive Tree Ventures and LGL Capital were all part of the investment. Startup Nation seems to be wasting no time at the start of the new Jewish year 5781.

Medasense technology is the developer of an exclusive technology that objectively monitors and quantifies the patient’s pain response level using artificial intelligence algorithms and a proprietary noninvasive sensor platform. This new technology, which is currently used in operating rooms and critical care settings, where patients are under anesthesia and unable to communicate, enables clinicians to personalize treatment: control pain, avoid overdose, and eliminate doubt. The company has also been active in the implementation of its technology on COVID-19 ventilated patients.

So now we have new med-tech which can literally feel your pain. Imagine being unable to communicate at the time when doctors most need to know what is going on inside of your head. This can be either during an operation or when someone is unconscious after suffering an injury or an accident. So Startup Nation continues to be at the forefront of med tech.

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“Together with our trusted investors, who share our passion to improve pain management, we expect to make a significant contribution to enhancing pain care,” said Galit Zuckerman-Stark, Medasense founder and CEO. “This funding round will allow us to expand and further consolidate commercial deployment of NOL technology in Europe through our distribution agreement with Medtronic and to complete the process of obtaining FDA approval for commercialization in the U.S.”

Josep Ll. Sanfeliu, founding partner of Asabys Partners, stated: “Medasense is a model startup, having successfully introduced a disruptive medical device technology to the market. Its artificial intelligence solution is impacting clinical outcomes to benefit patients and to enable better use of healthcare resources.”

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