Lace Cookies with Nutella for Passover

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These flourless lace cookies are truly addictive. I turn them into sandwich cookies by pairing them up and filling them with Nutella, but they’ll go with just about any spread you like  — be it chocolate spread, homemade ganache, jam or cookie or nut butter. 

With no mixer needed, these gluten-free cookies are incredibly simple to make; they come together in about 30 minutes. They emerge from the oven crisp and caramelized, with a delicate lace-like texture — a welcome reprieve from the starchy, dense desserts often served on Passover. 
These are not cookies to eat with a glass of milk, but they’re delicious alongside a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. And while they’re the perfect Passover cookie, I enjoy them year round — one bite and you’ll see why.

Note: The best way to get 1 Tbsp of egg white is to separate your eggs, and take use one Tbsp of the separated egg whites. (You could also use store-bought egg whites).

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