Listen: Couples Therapy


The recent Jewish Currents staff roundtable on “intermarriage,” “Jewish continuity,” and the fraught institutional discourse on these topics occasioned a wide variety of responses, including the question: How might the conversation look different if it included non-Jewish partners of Jews? So we decided to find out! In the second episode of our new podcast, On the Nose, editor-in-chief Arielle Angel and her husband Michael M., managing editor Nathan Goldman and his wife Bridget Bergin, web editor Nora Caplan-Bricker and her husband Tom Stackpole, and culture editor Ari M. Brostoff and their roommate Daniel Drake reflect on the intermarriage roundtable and the questions it raised for them about what Jewishness means.

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Articles and TV Episodes Mentioned:

What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Intermarriage’” by Jewish Currents editors

The Yada Yada,” Seinfeld

Books Mentioned:

The Myth of the Shiksa and Other Essays by Edwin H. Friedman

Thanks to Santiago Helou Quintero for producing and to Nathan Salsburg for the use of his song “VIII (All That Were Calculated Have Passed).” Transcript will be available soon.

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