Man swallows banana wrapped in a condom in a hormonal rage

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In what is thought to be the first case of its kind anywhere in the world, a 34-year-old American man was hospitalized after swallowing a banana wrapped in a condom in the midst of a hormonal rage.

In a case report published earlier in the academic journal Cureus, the patient, whose name has been withheld from publication, arrived at the hospital suffering from nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. The main explained that he was unable to eat or drink anything and he hadn’t defecated for over 24 hours, according to a report by Jam Press.

The doctors decided to give the patient a CT scan, revealing that the poor guy’s small intestine was blocked by a banana wrapped in a condom.

The patient apparently has a history of depression and he swallowed this banana in a hormonal rage.

Banana wrapped in a condom: That’s tough to swallow

The patient was rushed to surgery where the banana and condom were both removed – though the banana was mashed in the process.

Banana (Illustrative) (credit: Deon Black/Pexels)

The patient claimed he had no intention to harm himself, nor did he have any history of swallowing foreign objects. He even insisted that he wasn’t drunk or on drugs – rather, that he was completely normal at the time.

The patient was discharged after three days and went back to his normal life. Two weeks later, he reportedly isn’t suffering from any vomiting or nausea and is eating a low-fiber diet. All bowel movements are normal and all pain is manageable. 

The case report reaffirmed that the patient’s defecatory patterns were normal six months later, and he was able to resume his normal active lifestyle.

The study noted that this is the first-ever known case of a person swallowing a banana inside a condom. Small bowel obstructions in general are rare, and they usually result from swallowing condoms filled with drugs intended for drug smuggling.