Michael Jackson’s autopsy uncovered strange tattoos a perforated body and many bruises


Michael Jackson’s autopsy uncovered strange tattoos a perforated body and many bruises

Tattoos in strange places, a perforated body, and many bruises, are some of the findings that were found in his body. Jackson associate: “He was eating nothing but pills.”

Michael Jackson’s autopsy report was first revealed and from it emerges a bleak picture of a body that has been shrunk and damaged from multiple surgeries, excessive medication intake and probably also anorexia.

The autopsy findings show that the pop king, who passed away in 2009 when he was 50, had partially dissolved pellets in his stomach, hips and shoulders filled with holes, probably injectable painkillers. Jackson’s lips were pink in color while his eyebrows were black and his forehead was black in color to blend in with his hairline.

The star’s knees and calves were mysteriously bruised and had cuts in the back, indicating a fall that happened not long before he died. His body was filled with bright, dark spots, confirming that he did suffer from a pigmentation disease that turned his skin white over the years. In addition, his long wavy hair turned out to be a wig glued to his head. Under the wig, Jackson was completely bald, except for a small plume of hair that was on his scarred scalp.

“He was skin and bones. His hair was eaten and he ate nothing but pills,” a close associate told the Sun newspaper. “The injection marks that were all over his body and the corruption caused by years of plastic surgery showed that he was in terminal decline for several years.”

It is estimated that Jackson first began wearing a wig after his hair caught fire during a Pepsi commercial in 1984, a trauma that left him with second and third-degree burns. In the photo, he was required to dance on the stairs while lighting fireworks, but a technical problem during the sixth tike caused the pyrotechnics to explode prematurely, causing sparks to ignite Jackson’s hair full of flames. At the autopsy, a bald and burned area was clearly visible above his left ear.

Over the years there have been claims that the accident in question was the beginning of the singer’s addiction to pills. He was given prescriptions for powerful painkillers to deal with the pain in his scalp and face and continued to be addicted to prescription drugs – an addiction that would eventually kill him.

His brother Tito had previously told the British Daily Mirror: “He was taking pain medication because of the burns and it is surely what caused him to become addicted.”

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