Microsoft’s Windows 11 Copilot update to improve lives of users


Artificial intelligence is increasingly taking over every technological corner. Microsoft has decided to jump on the trend and launched a series of changes in the artificial intelligence tools in Windows 11, based on ChatGPT, and it will even add a designated key on its keyboards that will enable the direct use of artificial intelligence.

The new additions link various applications in the operating system and on the computer with the new component called Copilot. Through the Microsoft 365 Copilot, requests can be made such as placing deliveries, requesting recipes, compiling shopping lists, and even preparing presentations.

This update will allow for the faster, “smarter” use of AI features.

The benefits of Microsoft’s new AI update

At the end of March, another update will allow Copilot to change elements and functions of the user’s operating system, such as changing battery-saving plans and accessibility adjustments like enlarging text or changing screen settings. These improvements are expected to yield substantial profits for Microsoft and increase the company’s ability to track the queries presented to artificial intelligence so that it can offer its users deals through its advertisers and partners.

Microsoft also announced the addition of new features to the cloud-based Windows 365 service which encourages users, especially when browsing websites from public institutions such as universities, to log in with authentication. The new development, as hinted by the company, will no longer require the use of a password.