Nasrallah Threatening from Safety of Beirut Bunker: US Will ‘Pay the Price’ for Killing Soleimani


Photo Credit: Screenshot of Euronews YouTube videoScreenshot of Euronews YouTube video

Hezbollah members watching Nasrallah speech on large TV screen in Beirut, Jan. 5, 2020

Speaking to thousands of Hezbollah supporters at a Sunday rally in southern Beirut – who were viewing him on a television broadcast from his bunker – because Mother Nasrallah didn’t raise a fool – Shiite mega terrorist and Hezbollah chairman Hassan Nasrallah vowed to take revenge against America’s forces in the Middle East: bases, warships, soldiers, you name it.

“America will pay the price,” vowed Nasrallah, who has remained in his bunker since 2006, knowing that if he dared show his face outside, someone would tell Israel and he would be ushered to a better world, courtesy of the IDF. He should have advised his late friend, Iranian terror mastermind Qasem Soleimani, who met his maker last Friday morning.


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“The suicide bombers who forced the Americans to leave our region in the past are still here and their numbers have increased,” Nasrallah threatened, referring to the October 23, 1983, suicide truck bombs that struck buildings that housed American and French service members of the multinational peacekeeping force, killing 241 US and 58 French military personnel. Before that, there was the April 18, 1983 US embassy in Beirut suicide bombing that killed 32 Lebanese, 17 Americans, and 14 visitors and passers-by.

Neither operation was carried out by Hezbollah, which was only founded in 1985.

“Soleimani’s assassination was not an isolated incident,” Nasrallah told his adoring audience. “This is the start of a new US war in the region. Qasem Soleimani was the glue that held the axis of resistance together, which is why they decided to kill him, and did it in the open,” in order to intimidate the pro-Iranian forces.

“Our confrontation has started on the night of the assassination,” Nasrallah stressed. “As to our response, we have to bring about a just punishment. Regarding this crime, he who has committed it is known, and must be punished.”

“Trump knew that a war against Iran would be difficult and dangerous, so, what could he do that wouldn’t lead to war with Iran? They killed Qasem Soleimani, a major leader of the axis of resistance,” Nasrallah explained, noting, absent all sense of irony, that “Trump recognizes no international law or standards.”

Nasrallah called on all the Muslims to join the fight against America, since “there is a responsibility on the shoulders of the axis of resistance to retaliate.”

Warning that the Middle East is “headed toward a new phase,” Nasrallah promised that the “desire for martyrdom flips the balance of power between us and the enemy. The enemy’s highest punishment against us is to kill us, but our highest desire is to be martyrs. So, we cannot be defeated. When we are victorious, we are victorious. When we are martyred, we are also victorious.”

This can be arranged.


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