Need Cash Today? Top Tips on How You Can Make Money, and Fast


By Contributing Author

It’s a pretty general rule that we all wish we made a little more money, right? It feels as if we spend our entire lives working, only to make enough money to pay bills and get by – and that’s the consensus by the 90%.

It’s no secret that this time of year is the most expensive of all. Christmas is approaching ever so quickly, and with it, all of it’s expenses too. Pretty soon you’ll be invited to all sorts of social events as well as needing to buy gifts, and you’ll feel as if you need cash and need it, NOW. So how can we make more money, and quickly? Here are some top tips on how you can achieve that.

Sell Your Old Stuff

If you quite literally need cash today, a great way of making it – without much effort and from the comfort of your home – could be selling some of your old stuff.

If you’re handy on the internet, you’ll know all about how popular it is to shop online, and second hand nowadays. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

There are a multitude of apps nowadays that now make it easier than ever to buy and to sell online. We’re talking old school eBay to Depop, to even Facebook marketplace having its place in the online shopping world nowadays!

With tools like Facebook marketplace, you don’t even have to pay for postage, packaging and delivery! A lot of people will sell only in their local area, and will select the option “collection only” – which buyers are more than likely to do the vast majority of the time, because it’s quicker and easier for them too! Put a few things you no longer need but are in good condition on the internet for sale, and you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can make some extra cash.

Turn Your Hobby into a Money-Making Scheme

The vast majority of people will have a hobby they love doing and are great at, but don’t currently make any money off. So why not try making a little extra cash from what you love doing?

Most of the time, hobbies can be used to make money. Do you love making elaborate cakes for family members? Well why not start advertising your services and charging for them! Are you a great singer and love to play the guitar? Do some gigging around the local pubs on a weekend! It really doesn’t matter what your passion is, but if it offers something to be people, then it could be a great money maker.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s something obscure, such as knitting tiny hats and scarves for premature babies. That’s just an example, but there is ALWAYS a market for these things, and because of social media, it’s never been easier to advertise your services.

Take Up a Freelance Side Job

Do you work at your current job, feel you don’t make enough, and have a little time to spare on an evening or weekend? Then why not take a look at taking up a second job – preferably a freelance one!

The great thing about freelance work, is that it’s flexible. It’s not like getting a second job where you have to fit them in around each other – the vast majority of freelance work, you can do in your spare time!

It could be that you’re good at drawing so get some freelancing work designing menus, or even that you write some content for a blog or website and get paid for that. Some people even take a more outdoorsy approach and take a couple of furry clients on board and do some freelance dog walking. The possibilities are endless, so take a look around!

Check You Aren’t Overpaying for Bills

Last of all, instead of making more money, why not make sure that you’re actually making the most out of the money you’re already earning.

A lot of people are still paying for old streaming subscriptions on direct debit, or haven’t changed their energy supplier in years. Check your direct debits are all things you still use, and do some research into the cheapest energy suppliers at present! The best deal two years ago is almost certainly not going to be the best deal now, so just remember that. These savings every month will make your money go further.