Netanyahu in the bunker: “Iran is responsible for the shooting”


Gantz said he would not have left unless everyone in the campaign event was able to seek cover first.

Netanyahu was rushed to safety Tuesday night as rocket alert sirens blared in the southern city of Ashdod and returned minutes later to resume his speech.

“If I were there – I would not move,” Gantz emphasized that if he was the prime minister, he would change the procedures in such a case.

Gantz added: “This is a very serious event. I am glad it only ended in political embarrassment to Netanyahu. It could have ended in a different way. It is good that we have an Iron Dome and operational capabilities.” He said that between Hamas and Netanyahu “there is practice – no deterrence. Hamas is doing what it wants.”

– What is white-blue leaders solution to Hamas? Ynet asked the Blue and White leader.

“It is wrong to elaborate and not to deal with it at all, I am in favor of maintaining operational and strategic ambiguity as much as possible. We will work with all the tools at our disposal, from targeted attacks, airstrikes, maneuvering whenever we want, with what power we want and then quiet again, deterrence will be strengthened. This is what we need to harness all countries in the region and the world to start addressing Gaza reconstruction and weakening Hamas.