New business hotel in unexpected city: 90 rooms on a commercial floor


From Industry to Hotels: The District Committee for Center Planning and Construction announced last Tuesday its decision to enact the plan for establishing a business hotel in the Startsiv business area. This is part of the municipality’s policy to promote the renewal of business areas in the city, shifting away from old industries and their associated hazards. 

The hotel construction plan is situated south of Jabotinsky Street, with the land being rezoned from industrial to commercial. Covering approximately 0.1 hectare., the project will feature a business hotel comprising 90 rooms on a commercial floor. 

Petah Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg stated, “In recent years, we’ve promoted policies encouraging hi-tech and businesses to enhance recreational opportunities in the city. We welcome the committee’s decision to advance the hotel project in the StartSiv business center and approve the zoning change from industry to hospitality. We’ll persist in supporting policies fostering the city’s development into a significant metropolis.”