New Israeli Drug Cure for COVID-19: “I was given the drug – and two hours later I got back on my feet”


New Israeli Drug Cure for COVID-19: “I was given the drug – and two hours later I got back on my feet”

Yair Tayeb fell ill with Coronavirus and was hospitalized at Hadassah Hospital in sever condition. After three days he was released home.

Screenshot from “Haboker” channel 13 Yair Tayeb in Hadassah hospital treated with Allocetra/ before and after

49-year-old Yair Tayeb fell ill with Coronavirus. He was hospitalized at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, in Jerusalem in a serious condition. Channel 13 reported Tayeb agreed to receive Israeli developed new and experimental drug Allocetra for serious and critical COVID-19 cases, which has completed Phase 2 trials successfully.

According the report within two hours his condition improved miraculously – “I was afraid to close my eyes and die, my condition was really serious – but this medicine saved me. If I had not been given this drug, I would not have been interviewed now,” Tayeb told Nesli Barda ,in the “Morning News” Channel 13.

After only three days he was released from hospital to his home.

Yair Tayeb described how it all started. “I felt unwell – leg pain, headaches, dizziness, I even lost my memory a few times. Delusional things. At the weekend I had a high fever and a very heavy cough, which just did not stop.”

“It was very scary. When I got to Hadassah hospital it turned out I was in a very serious condition,” Tayeb continued, “I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I was afraid I was going to die. Out of fear I did not close my eyes. all weekend I was awake.”

When was you offered the experimental drug?
“Hadassah made every effort to obtain approval for me to receive the experimental drug. When I was asked if I was ready to receive the drug I did not even hesitate, I honestly said yes.”

After taking the drug, how long did you feel a change?
“After two hours I stood on my feet. After receiving the medicine I started to feel something strange in my body, but positive and not negative. I started to move my hands and body a bit. I stopped coughing.

After a quarter of an hour I decided to get out of bed. My brother David was with me in a video call. He looked at me and started crying. It was very exciting.”

Did your children know your situation was so difficult?
“The big ones knew, the little ones really did not. I have a six-year-old girl and a nine-year-old girl, they knew nothing. When I told the family I was feeling better, everyone was shocked.

Two hours ago I met the girls. It was very exciting. “I still have some difficulty breathing, I’m with oxygen, but slowly it will pass.”

What is your message after the shaky journey you went through?
“People do not understand what COVID-19 is, think it is a flu. It is a serious and frightening disease.

“I suggest everyone go get vaccinated. There is nothing to fear. I want “Thank you to Prof. Dror Mevorach and the team of doctors at Hadassah Ein Kerem who saved me. I will never forget it.”