New luxury hotel approved for Irsael’s stunning location


The Tel Aviv District Planning and Construction Committee has announced its approval of the Hagag Group’s proposal to build a prestigious hotel on Herzliya’s marina. This new establishment is slated to boast 365 guest rooms, a conference center, a public restaurant, and spa facilities. Notably, the hotel will not offer holiday apartments for rent.

Designed by Rani Ziss Architects, the plan encompasses an 11-dunam (1.1 hectare) plot in the designated hotel area along Herzliya Pituach’s beachfront. It includes provisions for hotels, open spaces, and an urban square adjacent to the marina. The proposed construction consists of two towers, standing at 7 and 11 floors, atop 2.5 commercial floors. Building rights will be increased from 10,000 to 51,000 square meters to align with neighboring hotels such as “Oceanus” and “Ritz Carlton.”

The plan intertwines the enhancement of beach tourism near water sports centers and the rejuvenation of public spaces in the marina area by constructing promenades and an urban square resembling an amphitheater. The committee’s goal is to promote pedestrian-friendly surroundings for hotel guests and passers-by, while also channeling commercial activities towards public spaces.

“We welcome the decision of the Tel Aviv District Committee,” The Hagag Group said. “The Herzliya Marina project is another instance of the group’s strategic planning, spanning various real estate ventures including urban renewal, profitable real estate, and hotels. The meticulous planning reflects our commitment to international standards, evident also in Herzliya Marina.”

Chairman of the Tel Aviv District Committee, Eran Nitzan, stated, “The plan mirrors the committee’s support for and promotion of hotel initiatives along the coastline and within marinas. It aims to develop a promenade, a public square, and restaurant facades along the hotel’s stretch, enhancing public spaces.”

Tel Aviv District Planner at the Planning Administration, Erez Ben Eliezer, emphasized, “Advocating for seafront hotel plans is a significant step, crucial for long-term perspectives and everyday affairs. This plan is pivotal for bolstering the marina area’s tourism and commercial requirements, while also ensuring high-quality architectural standards.”