New Tel Aviv construction project will change the game for urban renewal


The northern complex in the Tel Aviv Park project is being carried out by The Donitz-Elad construction group and is one of the largest urban renewal projects in the central region as a whole, and in Tel Aviv in particular. 

The northern complex, located in the new Tel Aviv Park district in the southeastern part of the city, will include 1870 apartments, some of them exclusively for rent; 300 sheltered housing units,10,000 square meters in commercial zoning and about 2500 square meters for businesses which will provide employment.

It will be a direct continuation of the southern complex, where the group built 630 apartments and the project was approved early in May by the District Appeal Committee for Planning and Construction.

Donitz-Elad was represented in the promotion of the project and in appeals by attorneys Tamar Migdal and Lior Levy from the Meitar law firm, and attorney Yossi Ashkenazi together with Farhi Zafrir Architects and Waxman Govrin Geva, a civil engineering firm in charge of planning. 

Donitz-Elad CEO Ronen Yaffo has confirmed that his partners in the project are the Friedman Hakshori Engineering and Construction Company which has paved the way for the final approval of the plan that will be implemented soon. 

Construction on Port TLV Residence is in advanced stages (credit: AMIT GOSHER)

Who will benefit from the project?

The project benefits all concerned and will be an impetus for significant development in the southeast of Tel Aviv.

In addition to new housing, neighborhood residents will benefit from a neighborhood in close proximity to the extensive green areas of South Park and part of Ariel Sharon Park.