NGOs team up to give IDF couples wedding registry gifts


The nonprofit Momentum has teamed up with Thank Israeli Soldiers and 4UGifts in a heartwarming initiative – providing a warm welcome home with gifts to newly engaged or newly married IDF couples.

Additionally, a $10,000 match challenge has been put forth by Momentum’s Mother to Mother Mission to Israel. Once the collective fundraising effort meets this challenge, $10,000 worth of wedding gifts will be donated.

“This registry brings hope for a future to these brave couples,” Momentum founding director Lori Palatnik says. “It also comforts their families who wanted to give them the wedding of their dreams. Hopefully, they will have homes to go back to and a future filled with joy.”

A surreal and welcome gift for IDF couples

For IDF couples who have been on the front lines, the idea of receiving gifts and well wishes from strangers around the world is surreal – and welcome. Many of these couples didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate their engagements or weddings as they had envisioned. Momentum’s collaboration with Thank Israeli Soldiers and 4UGifts aims to fill that void by creating wedding registries.

The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, as global Jewish communities are coming together to make these brave IDF couples’ homes a place of solace upon their return from service.