Police Look for Vandal of Nebraska Synagogue Who Photographed his Own Hate Crime Grafitti


Photo Credit: South Street Temple. / StandWithUs

Security camera footage of vandal.

Police are searching for a man for who spray-painted a swastika and racial slur on a synagogue in Lincoln, Neb., and then took a picture of his “work.”

According to surveillance video footage, the vandalism at South Street Temple took place at around midnight on Monday, but it was only reported to authorities on Wednesday morning when a passerby saw the anti-Semitic graffiti.


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Officers said the vandal used orange paint to draw a swastika on the front steps of the temple and “F U Black Shirt” on the doors of the synagogue.

He was caught on a security camera photographing the results.

According to Peter Mullen, who works with the temple, “Black Shirt” refers to British and Italian fascists in the 1930s, though it could have other modern meanings, including links to white supremacy.

The Lincoln Police Department is investigating the case as a hate crime.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said in a statement on Thursday, “I condemn anti-Semitism in the strongest possible terms and encourage Nebraskans from all backgrounds to do the same. The Jewish community has been a vital part of our state for generations. I urge anyone with information about the vandalism to report it to the Lincoln Police Department, so the perpetrator can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”


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