SIBF fund: Investments in tech amounting to $400 million


Recently, SIBF successfully led a conference of Israeli and international investors. Data shows that from the fund’s establishment in 2020 until today, the fund has invested in 38 tech companies worth 400 million dollars.

Partners in the fund are Or Ben Shoshan, Eli Ben Simon, Aviv Cohen and Boaz Or-Shraga. The investment in a single company is estimated at up to 40 million dollars. 

The conference took place in the Tech-O complex in Kfar Saba with the participation of 150 managers of companies in which SIBF has invested.

Participants included Itzik Segron from the Kansas-based Koch Family Foundation, Eli Levy, one of the owners of Mor Investment House, Yakir Gabbai from the London real estate giant Aroundtown, Amit Ben Yitzhak, chair of Granot Central Agricultural Cooperative Union, Roi Kadosh, investment manager at Hachshara Insurance and Adi Horowitz Lavi, business development manager of Poalim Hi-tech.

Growth and challenges

Meir Ben-Shabbat, former National Security Advisor, gave a lecture on security challenges. 

US and Israeli currency (1 dollar bills and 1 shekel coins respectively) are seen in this illustrative photo of money. (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

SIBF investments focus on rapidly growing companies in four areas: renewable energy, food-tech, healthcare and agro-tech, and it accompanies their activities until the third fundraising round.

Ben Shushan said that the upheaval in the tech sector in particular creates many challenges, but there are also positive things: No more inflated values and no empty growth models. 

He stated that “the market is becoming realistic and healthy. The tech sector will recover in 2024 and today’s market has many investment opportunities.”