Talon Cyber Security Offers Cloud Protection Services


Talon Cyber Security Offers Cloud Protection Services

The company raised $26 million in seed money.

Talon Cyber Security co-founders Ohad Bobrov (right) and Ofer Ben-Noon. Company Photo Shlomi Yosef

Israeli startup Talon Cyber Security develops cloud infrastructure-based cyber security technology. The company just raised a $26 million in seed funding Lightspeed Venture Partners, Team8 Capital.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Hackers are not only motivated by money or politics. They often just like being malicious. So even small companies need to be on their guard and be sure to properly protect their systems.

And everything is going into the cloud these days. Do you use Google Docs, or any of the other Google services? Well then all of your files are stored in servers located around the world. The same thing is also now true with MS Office which offers customers cloud based software services. Notebook computers have always had a limited storage capacity. And more and more people are switching to tablets which do not offer the same services as a computer. So cloud services will soon be standard.

Cloud security, in turn, refers to the technologies, policies, controls, and services that protect cloud data, applications, and infrastructure from threats.

Talon Cyber Security was founded last February by CEO Ofer Ben-Noon and Ohad Bobrov. The duo are both veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces’ vaunted 8200 intelligence unit. And both have successfully started new companies in the past. Ben-Noon was also a founder of Argus Cyber Security in 20013 which is a developer of security solutions for vehicles. The company was sold to Continental of Germany for $430 million in 2017. Bobrov founded Lacoon Mobile Security in 2011. The company which developed security solutions for mobile telephones was sold to Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. In 2011.

“The rapid and necessary switch to decentralized work based on cloud infrastructure has exposed enterprises large and small to new, substantial threats that cannot be dealt with by existing cyber security solutions,” Ben-Noon said. “This unique and significant opportunity led Ohad and me to embark on this new exciting journey again, together. Talon is entering the market to provide organizations with maximum flexibility, productivity, and visibility while protecting them against cyber attacks that are becoming more and more sophisticated.”

Team8 founding partner Nadav Zafrir said, “The cyber industry is challenged by the growing pace of change and the consequences for the way on which enterprises operate. We are in close touch with hundreds of enterprises in a wide variety of businesses that are encountering difficulties in finding the balance between the evolution of the hybrid working configuration, which requires flexibility, and their information security needs. I believe that Talon’s vision is a game-changer, and will become the optimal solution for the new world that obliges the industry to support flexibility and productivity alongside security.”

“Talon is solving a major problem created by recent changes in the workforce model,” said David Gussarsky, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. “The need for one comprehensive solution to enable workforce flexibility, without compromising security, has created a whole new market and a unique opportunity to become a game-changer in the cyber security industry.”

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