Technion and the University of Toronto initiate AI solutions in medicine

Science and Health

A new collaboration focusing on the use of artificial intelligence in medicine is being put into motion by the University of Toronto’s leading Center for AI in Medicine (T-CAIREM) and the Technion’s Artificial Intelligence Hub (Tech.AI), a leading Israeli academic institution’s branch for the field of medicine.

The collaboration will bring together faculty members and research students from both institutions, to develop advanced responses to the medicine of the future around challenges of common interest. T-CAIREM is the meeting point for the University of Toronto’s community of over 1,000 researchers, research students and professionals, connected to all hospitals in the Toronto area.

Tech.AI is in the midst of an accelerated development process focusing on the use of AI for medicine. Tech.AI.BioMed, headed by Associate Prof. Shai Shen-Orr, who is a Tech.AI co-director from the Rapaport Faculty of Medicine, places a strong emphasis on establishing new programs and collaborations.

Ein Gedi workshop for scientists and research students 

The new project began with joint workshop attended this week at Ein Gedi by dozens of scientists and research students from the two institutions. The workshop was meant to be a starting point and accelerator for the new collaboration. The two institutions presented their capabilities in the field of AI for medicine and discussed areas with potential for growth and common interest for both institutions as well as the types of collaboration that will enable joint teams from both to receive support for the new activity.

Most of the joint workshop was devoted to the consolidation of researchers from both institutions into work teams around issues of common interest. The teams will soon start working on proposals for research collaborations, the creation of new methodologies, initiatives that promote education in the field and initiatives to share existing data and the creation of new data.

Illustrative image of artificial intelligence. (credit: PIXABAY)

“The Temerty Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM) at the University of Toronto is very excited to work with the excellent clinicians and researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology on this highly collaborative and interdisciplinary initiative,” said Prof. Muhammad Mamdani, director ofT-CAIREM. “Our goal is to advance innovative research in AI in medicine that will serve as the foundation for transforming medicine and delivering the best possible care for the patients we serve.”

“The new collaboration with the University of Toronto.” commented Shen-Orr, “is a necessary and desirable addition to the accelerated development process of the Technion’s Artificial Intelligence Hub. Earlier this year, we established several new programs around the use of AI for the improvement, acceleration and accuracy of medicine. We have launched the Zimin Institute for AI Solutions in Medicine, awarded research grants to leading research programs in which we see potential for commercialization, and now we are laying down another broad foundation for the Tech.AI.BioMed activity that promotes the use of AI in medicine. We are certain that this collaboration will add depth and richness to our toolbox for creating new responses that will shape the medicine of the future.”