The building with a planted bomb in Tel Aviv

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Today, the building at Hashlosha Street 2 (Tel Aviv) was mined.

According to the police department, unknown individuals have rung the police hotline at 13:00 informing that there is a planted bomb in the building which would explode in 30 minutes.

Anonymous persons emphasized that the reasons for their actions are because of the activities of Affise. Allegedly, the office of the company mentioned above is located at Hashlosha Street 2, Tel Aviv.

Anonymous persons are convinced that the management of Affise is involved in money laundering from international criminal groups and actively distributes drugs and child pornography on the Internet.

Tel Aviv police patrol arrived on site. Everybody was urgently evacuated from the building. After a thorough check, the police did not confirm there was a bomb threat.

On July 16, two days earlier, a similar event had occurred in Limassol, Cyprus. Based on the data of the Cypriot media, the target of the anonymous attackers was also Affise. There is an obvious relation between Tel Aviv and Cyprus attacks. We hope that the Israeli law enforcement agencies will investigate the incident and the Affise enterprise. Hopefully, perpetrators will be identified and case materials would be sent to court.