These foods can trigger headaches

Science and Health

Dr. Maya Roseman dedicated the opening segment of her 103FM program to shed light on foods that can trigger headaches, unveiling five key measures to evade their debilitating effects.

“Lack of sleep, stress, and hormonal shifts can certainly trigger headaches, but so can dietary factors. Which dietary aspects deserve our attention?” Roseman inquired, then proceeded to elaborate.

“Above all, insufficient water intake is pivotal: dehydration is the foremost and most prevalent catalyst for headaches. If you’re prone to ‘forget’ hydrating or have an aversion to water, now is the time for a change. Set reminders on your device or invest in an appealing water bottle, fostering a habit you can’t do without.”


“Meal omission: Research indicates that skipping meals disrupts blood sugar levels and blood pressure, potentially culminating in headaches. Notably, adhering to regular meal times mitigates headaches, irrespective of the meal’s composition.”

“Tyramine-rich foods: Including chocolate, red wine, and yellow cheese, can also incite headaches,” noted Roseman. “These items contain tyramine, a substance previously linked to migraines. It’s plausible that other compounds in these foods contribute, especially when consuming two together, like coffee and toast, or a cheese dish paired with red wine.”

“Processed and cured meats containing nitrite preservatives can dilate blood vessels and trigger headaches for susceptible individuals.”

And what about caffeine? “Surprisingly, it holds. Among habitual coffee or tea drinkers, caffeine withdrawal can trigger headaches. The remedy is, of course, a cup of coffee. Interestingly, caffeine features in numerous headache medications.”

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