Think you have a high IQ? Find the hidden figure in this picture

Science and Health

An optical illusion recently shared on TikTok caught the attention of viewers, with only the most observant of them managing to locate the hidden face in the picture.

Let’s get started

In today’s puzzle, you will see a woman wearing a white dress and a hat sitting on the edge of a lake. The background features bushes, trees, and a white swan swimming in the water. Your challenge is to find the face of a man hidden within the image.

Were you able to find the hidden character? If not, don’t worry – many users struggled to solve this puzzle.

To uncover the hidden face, move your mobile device away from the picture and take another look. Still can’t see it? Focus on the bow, which forms the man’s head, while the girl’s elbow in the picture creates his nose, and his hair forms his eye.