Burdening yourself too much? This personality test could help

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There are many types of optical illusions, with some tricking our minds and others revealing hidden aspects of our personality. This drawing can indicate the kind of person you are, but it all depends on what you see in it first.

About the illusion

This illusion was shared by viral TikTok star @Mia_yilin, who often shares many optical illusions with her 544k followers. So far, her page has gained 10 million likes from many surfers. In the picture before you, you can see a tall mountain with its tip covered in snow, but others noticed an eagle with spread wings. What did you see before?

According to the content creator, the meanings differ, so you should look again. “If you recognized the mountain first, you are probably the type of person who sees the good and the beauty in all everyday things, and you don’t like to take everything too seriously. You need to meet your achievements, and you sometimes work around the clock without a break. This is why you need to rest more often,” Yelin said.

Other meaning

However, she explained that the meaning was completely different if you saw the eagle.

“You like to ‘mingle’ with others and make new friends. You have a very natural charm that captivates everyone around you. Your presence lights up the room, and people are drawn to your magnetic personality. You must be more careful and not ignore your needs and feelings in an attempt to please others,” Yelin noted.