Drinking coffee with milk is good for your health – study

Science and Health

A study that was conducted at Copenhagen University in Denmark revealed that there are health advantages to drinking coffee with milk.

The researchers’ goal was to check whether antioxidants known as Polyphenols that are found at high rates in coffee interact with amino acids that make up the proteins in milk.

The study’s results attest that this cocktail can have a particularly productive effect on infections in people: The inflammatory response begins when the body’s immune system releases white blood cells to fight foreign materials such as germs and viruses, said the researchers. Polyphenols are considered effective in preventing and treating infections.

The researchers checked this anti-inflammatory effect on the immune system. They said that the cells that received Polyphenols and amino acids were twice as productive in the battle against infections as cells that only got Polyphenols. 

The scientists also checked how the molecules bond in a beverage like coffee with milk and found that the same reaction occurs.

Coffee at Landwer Cafe in Tel Aviv (credit: BECKY BROTHMAN)

Other food combinations can have the same effect

The researchers added that the anti-inflammatory effect could happen when mixing other types of food as well like meat with vegetables or a fruit shake with milk or yogurt.