This AI platform scans your brain activity to prevent car accidents


Israeli startup CorrActions, specializing in AI-based driver safety, has recently concluded a Series A funding round, securing $7.25 million in investment. The funding, led by Volvo Cars Tech Fund and joined by BlackBerry and several venture capital firms, will be instrumental in advancing the integration of CorrActions’ solution into production vehicles, an ongoing process with multiple automakers.

CorrActions focuses on AI-driven software capable of identifying abnormalities in the cognitive states of drivers and passengers. Utilizing existing human-motion sensors in vehicles, such as steering wheels and in-cabin radars, the software analyzes micro-muscle movements reflective of brain activity. These movements can reveal various cognitive states, including driver intoxication, fatigue, and distraction.

A noteworthy aspect of CorrActions’ approach is its emphasis on privacy in driver monitoring. The software can be seamlessly implemented in consumer vehicles through Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates, without capturing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for assessing the driver’s cognitive state. This approach provides automakers with privacy-focused driver monitoring capabilities without the need for additional sensors or cameras, potentially reducing costs and simplifying integration efforts.

CorrActions is actively collaborating with multiple automakers to integrate its solution into their vehicles, with the aim of enhancing driver and passenger safety. The solution could also benefit fleets and telematics service providers by reducing insurance costs, improving delivery times, and enhancing overall driver safety.

The story behind CorrActions

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Eldad Hochman, a neuropsychologist, and Zvi Ginosar, a business executive, CorrActions is led by CEO Ilan Reingold, a former Chief Business Officer at Sony and General Manager at Broadcom.

CorrActions’ founding team (credit: May Kochen)

“Our successful Series A funding round is a testament to the industry’s recognition of the potential of CorrActions’ AI-based brain activity monitoring technology,” said Reingold. “With the support of our strategic investors, including Volvo Cars and BlackBerry, we are poised to further drive the adoption of our solution in production vehicles. By detecting abnormalities in drivers’ and passengers’ cognitive states, we aim to significantly enhance road safety and revolutionize the driving experience.”

Orlie Gruper, General Partner at Mobilitech Capital, added, “CorrActions stands out as the sole provider of a software-only solution addressing a critical safety concern — driving under the influence of alcohol and fatigue. Our collaboration with the CorrActions team is a testament to our commitment to making roads safer and shaping the future of in-vehicle experience.”