This is how to get rid of fruit flies in your home without pesticides

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Summer has arrived, which means that we’re trying to ventilate our houses in every possible way. It also means leaving the windows open to allow as much air as possible. This, however, might invite some unwanted critters. Specifically, flies and fruit flies looking for a moist place to hide.

Have you tried all the possible tricks and couldn’t get rid of them? Don’t worry, there is a solution.

Good Housekeeping revealed an original patent that shows how to capture these flies in a very effective, cheap way, without harmful or dangerous pesticides.

What’s the process?

Take a plastic bottle and cut it in half, with the bottom part being a little higher than the top part. Take off the bottle cap and fill the bottom part with water. You can add some vinegar to keep bees away and then put the top upside down inside the structure – to give the bottle a funnel shape.

Put some water with sugar (or apple cider vinegar) around the opening of the bottle to attract the flies, then make two holes in the upper part to pass a string or string there and hang the trap where you want.

It turns out that this is a great method to get rid of all types of flies without using unnecessary chemicals. It is also a very easy and cheap way and all you need to buy for it is some sugar or apple cider vinegar.

This will cause the flies to smell the sugar bait and fly into the bottle to get it. Once inside, they can be easily trapped and fly to the bottom of the bottle, when they have no way out and they won’t be able to because their wings will get wet.