This is the best thing to eat between meals

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We all are hungry between meals sometimes, but what should we eat from a nutritional standpoint?

Dr. Maya Rosman addressed the subject in response to the question of whether it is possible to eat a box of cottage cheese and an apple as a snack.

She clarified: “Obviously, cottage cheese is protein, which is necessary for maintaining our muscle mass and maintaining muscle mass helps in weight loss. It is clear that protein reduces the need for snacks, or rather – a diet that is mainly based on protein throughout the day. But you have to pay attention to the fact that even with proteins, you need to consider the amount of calories in them.”

Proteins can add up to lots of calories

“A snack on our menu is about 120 calories,” she said and continued: “This means that you can have a large apple as a snack or half a box of cottage cheese. But a whole box of cottage cheese (250 calories) and a large apple (another 100 calories) – it’s like eating three cheese sandwiches  and then there’s still room left for a small fruit or an oreo cookie.”

tnuva cottage cheese_311 (credit: Reuters)

“It’s true that cottage cheese and apple looks dietary and it’s also definitely easy to digest, but in terms of the diet menu it doesn’t necessarily work out. Again, it is important to emphasize that the nutritional value is different and of course there are differences in terms of the effect of the options on the muscle mass in the body and the continued weight loss, the comparison is only calories. Even those who use protein-heavy menus may consume thousands of calories, some of which are unnecessary for the body. Unnecessary calories even from proteins and not only from carbohydrates, the body stores in the fat cells.”