Top 10 Hottest Israeli Instagram Stars


Top 10 Hottest Israeli Instagram Stars

Believe it or not, some of their pictures may have been photo-shopped.

Yael Shelbia instagram

Nowadays anyone can become famous, provided that they are good looking and willing to post half naked pictures of themselves online. This applies to both men and women. Back in the 90s fake blondes with a mountain of plastic surgery like Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith got to be world famous for being naked in magazines like Playboy. Bit today no one needs to be fully nude anymore. Just show everything, but leave that thong string in the rear end and something over the nipple.

Models like Emily Ratajkowski got famous that way. Why wait to be picked for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue or to be cast on a reality TV show? Just flash your only assets – definitely not anything related to intelligence or actual life accomplishments – on social media and you too can be a star.

And this is not just about narcissism; although, it mostly is. So called social media influencers can make a lot of money on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok both through prepaid product placements and a share of the ad revenue that the companies raise through their posts. So the more followers and views one gets, the more money that they make.

Israeli women who made it big the old fashioned way – they actually worked for a living – include actresses like Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot. They also include super models like Bar Raphaeli who did have to work on real photoshoots. Now here is a list of Israel’s most successful Instagram stars by number of followers, not including those who are famous for anything tangible like actresses and singers.

Here is our list of the top ten Israelis on Instagram by popularity. Believe it or not, some of their pictures may have been photo-shopped.

The figures come from the website StarNgage.
StarNgage calls itself an influencer marketing platform that enables brands to analyses, customize, manage, measure word-of-mouth marketing and connect with top content creators.

1 – Neta Alchimister
She is a 27 year old Israeli model with 1,715,440 Instagram followers and a global rank of 6,536. 32.2% of her followers are female. The rest are men. No surprise!

Neta Alchimister loves posting about Modeling, Bikini, Fashion. No wonder she has such a large following. Just look at this post:

2 – Maria Domark
This 25 year old model was born in Russia. She has 1,212,498 followers and a global rank of 9,903. More than two thirds of her followers are men, of course.

3 – Yael Shelbia
Yael Shelbia is a 19 year old Israeli model. Last year she was declared to officially to have the world’s most beautiful face. Yael has 905,293 followers and a global rank of 12,056.

Yael Shelbia Instagram Post

4 – Adi Bity
The 26 year old model has 844,869 followers and a global rank of 26,858.

5 – Ruslana Rodina
She has 767,751 followers and a global rank of 47,139.

6 – Eden Fines
This Israeli model has 744,296 followers.

7 – Bar Zomer
This popular Israeli model has 669,007 followers.

8 – KimOr

9 – Shir Elmaliach
The 31 year old model has 504,629 followers.

10 – Benel Tavori
The only man on the list the 29 year old has 478,160 followers.

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