Top 7 Futuristic Israeli Technology Startups To Follow In 2021


Top 7 Futuristic Israeli Technology Startups To Follow In 2021

By Contributing Author

There are plenty of futuristic Israeli technology startups to follow in 2021. Coined the “startup nation”, Israel has become a hotspot for pioneering tech startups. In fact, the country currently has the highest number of startups per capita in the entire world. As a leader in self-driving vehicles, virtual reality (VR), and enterprise software development, there are an abundance of business opportunities to explore in Israel. If you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur planning your next endeavor, there has never been a better, more profitable time to enter Israel’s technology based ecosystem. To help you get started, read on to learn about the top futuristic Israeli technology startups to follow in 2021.

Autonomous Vehicles

Firstly, the market for autonomous cars in Israel has exploded in recent years. Commonly referred to as self-driving, driverless, or robo-cars, these autonomous vehicles are fully capable of navigation with little to no human intervention. Simply, these cars can drive to pre-determined destinations on a kind of “autopilot” mode. In order to so, these tech startups specialize in forward-looking GPS technology, adaptive cruise control, and robust breaking systems. By launching a business in this field, you can enter a futuristic new industry with unlimited growth potential. Since these systems often lead to a reduction in accidents and auto fatalities, you can additionally make a positive impact on the world through your business. Certainly, there are plenty of Israeli self-driving vehicle technology startups to follow in 2021.

Custom Software Development

Next, Israel’s market for enterprise custom software development has had a groundbreaking impact on the world. Custom software programming is the process of designing, building, deploying, and maintaining digital programs for a specific set of user needs. Of course, this industry has additionally created a market for supporting tools and resources, such as containerized repositories. For example, a Helm repository delivers privacy, high availability, and secure access control to developers. Simultaneously, these solutions provide massively scalable storage capabilities. This way, you can enjoy reliable, enterprise ready management of all your Helm resources. Absolutely, many entrepreneurs have looked to starting advanced startups in custom software development.

Virtual Reality (VR)

In addition, virtual reality has made major waves in Israel’s tech economy. VR refers to a computer-generated virtual environment where users can enjoy a simulated, interactive experience. This innovative technology has already been used to transform the healthcare, entertainment, and education field. At the same time, many professionals in the military or architecture have found robust new uses for virtual reality as well. If you are looking to start an organization in this field, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to consider. For example, many Israeli entrepreneurs have already launched other distinct businesses involving AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), and XR (extended reality). Surely, VR tech startups are an excellent business opportunity for follow in 2021.


Of course, cybersecurity is another popular Israel business opportunity to explore in 2021. Often called, computer security or information technology (IT) security, cybersecurity refers to the advanced protection of online systems and network. Often, this encompasses protection from loss, damage, or theft, as well as ongoing service disruption. Launching a tech startup in this field, you can help clients boost their company credentials, streamline business continuity management, and protect systems from unauthorized access. Moreover, these opportunities allow you to implement your unique, creative, and potentially profitable ideas. Indeed, consider starting an innovative cybersecurity startup in Israel this year.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Certainly, many Israeli tech startups specialize in robotic process automation. RPA is the application of futuristic technology aimed at automating repetitive business processes. Often, this is accomplished through AI software robots that emulate human executions. This way, organizations can reduce operational risk, accelerate their internal processes, and improve the customer experience. Naturally, this technology holds the power to reduce operational costs by automating tasks. If you are interested in starting a business in this field, you can expect to see significant profits, rewards, and growth potential. Indubitably, RPA startups have made a major impact on Israel’s tech economy.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Moreover, you may want to consider launching an Israel tech business in the field of internet of things. Essentially, IoT describes a system of inter-connected objects that can collect, transfer, and store data over a wireless network without human intervention. This way, businesses can empower mobility, agility, and other futuristic business opportunities. Starting a business in IoT, you can capitalize on new pioneering trends. Simultaneously, these opportunities allow you to establish a business that is future-proof. Surely, you may want to consider launching a profitable Israel business in IoT.


Furthermore, Israel’s fintech industry is expected to see significant growth in 2021, as well as years to come. Essentially, fintech companies rely on robust technologies to optimize, accelerate, and automate financial processes. Some of the largest financial technology startups are involved in payment infrastructure solutions, stock trading services, or alternative lending marketplaces. Establishing a startup in this market, you can further your service scope and improve your security measures. Moreover, fintech businesses help their clients automate accounting, expand financial options, and enable online payments. Absolutely, tech-savvy entrepreneurs should consider launching a startup in the fintech field.

If you are looking to start a new business, there are plenty of futuristic Israeli technology startups to follow in 2021. Firstly, the revolutionary market of autonomous vehicles holds the potential to minimize car fatalities. In addition, VR business opportunities hold the potential to revolutionize the healthcare, education, and construction field. Next, there is a rapidly growing market for custom software development, as well as supporting tools, such as Helm repositories. Of course, many tech enthusiasts and computer specialists have begun opening new industries in cybersecurity. Certainly, RPA is another major up-and-coming industry impacting Israel’s technology economy. Furthermore, the fintech market in Israel is expected to make significant strides in 2021, as well as for years to come. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the top futuristic Israeli technology startups to follow in 2021.

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