Total Israel Corona Virus deaths Breaks 1,000


Over Shabbat, Israel suffered its one-thousandth Coronavirus death. Twelve Israelis die over the Sabbath from Covid-19, according to Israel’s Ministry of Health.

The Ministry also reported 1,120 new Coronavirus cases making the total in Israel to date 128,768.

The Corona Virus continues to wreak havoc everywhere in the world. The Israeli government is still debating whether or not to implement a nationwide shutdown over the Jewish holidays which begin in just two weeks. Health officials seem to think that this will be unavoidable, but the Haredi community and business interests are lobbying hard to avoid a shutdown.

Of the many confirmed current cases, 439 people are listed as in serious condition. There are 128 people on ventilators in Israel due to Covid-19.
101,478 Israelis are listed as having recovered from the virus. Among those who have recovered many suffer from a myriad of health problems caused by the Corona Virus. Some have lost their sense of smell and taste. Some still have trouble breathing.

In spite of the danger and the continued death toll, many Israeli continue to go on with business as usual. The daily evening news programs show footage of packed beaches with little social distancing, packed swimming pools and dining halls at hotels, and people congregating in public spaces.
Meanwhile a cure, or at least a treatment that would block the worst effects of the disease, are nowhere in sight.

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