Trump: “No more threats! US will attack Iranian sites quickly and powerfully”


Trump: “No more threats! US will attack Iranian sites quickly and powerfully”

An Iranian official said that Tehran has identified 35 US targets, “including Tel Aviv”, and the US president has responded to threats in a series of tweets: “If attacked, we will launch our beautiful military equipment and without hesitation. We will not absorb any more threats.” Britain will ship warships to the Persian Gulf.

US President Donald Trump has threatened tonight (between Saturday and Sunday) that if Iran responds to the assassination of Quds Force commander, Qassam Suleimani, the US will “attack” Iranian sites “quickly and powerfully.” Trump said 52 targets signify 52 American hostages held captive from 1981 to 1979. This was in response to, among other things, the threat of an Iranian general who said that Tehran had identified 35 US destinations in the region, including the Strait of Hormuz, the American destroyers and “Tel Aviv in our range.” Meanwhile, Kassem Suleimani’s funeral procession continued And his body came to Iran, the city of Ahwaz. Watch live from Suleimani’s funeral procession.

US President said: “Iran speaks with great courage about marking important US targets for retaliation for revenge on the world from their terrorist leader, who just recently killed an American and seriously wounded many other people. We will not talk about all the people he killed during his life, including hundreds of Iranian protesters only recently”.

Trump added: “Soleimani has attacked our embassy, ​​and is planning further attacks elsewhere. Iran has done nothing but trouble in recent years.” He said, “Marked 52 Iranian sites – some of which are of high importance to Iran and Iranian culture. These targets, and Iran itself, will be attacked quickly and powerfully if Iran hits Americans or attacks American targets.” He signed: “The US does not want to absorb any more threats!”

A few hours later Trump tweeted again, threatening again: “They attacked us and we attacked back. If they attack again, and I strongly advise them not to do so, we will hit them harder than ever before.” In another tweet, the threats only escalated: “The United States has spent two trillion dollars on military equipment. We are the world’s largest and best in the gap! If Iran attacks an American base, or any American, some of this beautiful military equipment will be launched at them, and without hesitation.”

Meanwhile, a Lebanese image was posted on the Lebanese website with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who is expected to make the speech this afternoon, addressing the assassination of Iranian “Quds Force” commander.

Yesterday, Katyusha was fired at US targets in Iraq, one toward the “Green Zone”, the secure complex in Baghdad where the US embassy and other Western embassies reside. According to the US-led military coalition fighting ISIS, two hostilities have been launched against hostilities. US troops in Baghdad and the Iraqi Air Force base “Al-Balad”, about 80 km north of the Iraqi capital. According to the coalition, no American civilians were injured, but Iraqi civilians were injured.

Iranian officials have been threatening to strike directly in the US and Israel since the Suleimani extermination. Goals Across Tehran, billboards have surfaced on Suleimani’s face, and many have issued a warning from Iran’s top leader Ali Khamenei that “severe revenge” awaits the US.

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