Vim Build’s Digital Infrastructure for Higher Performing Health Care – Raises $60 Million


Vim Build’s Digital Infrastructure for Higher Performing Health Care – Raises $60 Million

The company streamlines health care paperwork.

Israeli startup Vim offers digital infrastructure and platforms for US health care providers. The company has raised $60 million from Walgreens, America’s second largest pharmacy chain, Boots Alliance (WBA), health insurance firm Anthem (ANTM), and Frist Cressey Ventures.

Founded in 2015 by CEO Oron Afek and CTO Asaf David, Vim connects data to workflow at health care’s “last mile”– within clinical operations at the point of patient care. Health plans, patients, and medical providers of every size – from independent practitioners to integrated delivery systems – use Vim software to connect data and care across the health system. Vim declares its mission is to power affordable, high quality health care through seamless connectivity.

Vim offers a healthcare technology platform that “aligns incentives between payers and healthcare providers to enable value-based care decisions.’

The company basically helps to streamline all of the necessary paperwork and other headaches that coe along with any health care system. And when the insurance companies are involved for payments and so forth this can get exceedingly complicated. Israel is known for its med tech startups and innovation in the medical field. But Vim is more of a digital services firm than a med tech one.

The US spends more per capita on healthcare than its peers without achieving better outcomes, leading to a shift toward value-based care models. However due to complex mixed incentives, payers and providers still face significant challenges in working together to drive value-based care.

The company’s platform uses collective intelligence from healthcare data and human expertise to guide patients and providers to care decisions that consider cost, quality, and individual preferences. Vim’s unique ability to help patients find, schedule and receive the highest quality care, while promoting payer and provider collaboration, will lead to better outcomes for patients.

Vim’s solutions are widely used by leading health plans, providers, and pharmacies engaged in value-based care programs. Vim’s Quality Gaps, Diagnosis Gaps, Referral Guidance, and Digital Scheduling solutions easily and seamlessly integrate with existing clinical systems at the point of care to reduce burden for health plans and providers working to succeed on value, outcomes, and experience.

Vim has raised a total of $72 million to date.

“We are honored to be backed by and working in partnership with some of the largest and most innovative companies in US health care,” said Oron Afek, Vim Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We share a vision for powering a new era of network performance by seamlessly integrating data at the point of care to improve quality, experience, and total cost of care. These investments and partnerships represent major leaps forward for Vim and our opportunity to make an ever deeper and broader impact on US health care.”

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