SavorEat Establishes EGG’N’UP for Plant-Based Egg Alternatives


SavorEat Establishes EGG’N’UP for Plant-Based Egg Alternatives

Its eggselent.

Plant-based egg substitutes (from Savour Eat)

Israeli food-tech firm SvaorEat, which offers plant based alternatives to meat, has announced its creation of a new subsidiary for the production of egg alternatives. The company is called Egg’n’up.

SavorEat boasts that it is all about creating the perfect plant-based products. It states that its meatless product is “created and cooked by a robot chef according to your exact preference, all at the touch of a button. Sounds futuristic? It’s already here.”

It describes Egg’n’up as a young and vibrant Food-Tech company which is developing a sustainable alternative egg product using a proprietary plant- based ingredients to get the egg’s unique taste, texture, appearance and functionality properties without compromising on taste and its nutritional values.

Startup Nation is no stranger to the development of eco-friendly vegetarian foods. Its local companies like Tivall have offered local consumers such as products for decades. But these are plant-based alternatives usually made with soy products.

“SavorEat is all about creating the perfect plant-based products. Just differently.”

A meatless product that is created and cooked by a robot chef according to your exact preference, all at the touch of a button. Sounds futuristic? It’s already here.”

But there now seems to be an explosion of local Israeli firms working on other types of meat and poultry alternatives made from vegetables or cloned animal cells.

Israeli startup Zero Egg also produces an egg alternative made from plants for foodservice and food manufacturers. The company asserts that its product tastes, looks, and functions like a real egg.

So you may be thinking that this is only something for vegans. After all, who else never eats eggs? At most people avoid eating them for health reasons, but they do not go to the trouble of avoiding any product which includes some kind of egg extract.

And think about all of the products which include eggs. So many cake and cookie recipes require eggs. So it is not surprising that just about all packaged pastries have eggs in them.

And eggs are also a main ingredient in many fast foods.

So how does a vegetarian alternative do anything for the vast majority of people who are not vegans? Well it’s about the environment, of course.

Poultry is everywhere and not just for fast food. Countless poultry farms are dedicated to raising chickens just for their eggs. These chickens live much longer than those raised for slaughter. And so they use up a great deal more of world resources from energy, to water and food. The production of all of the food that they eat causes carbon emissions. And the chickens themselves leave behind a tremendous amount of waste.

Chicken farms are cited not just for how the animals are treated but for their carbon foot prints as well. So to have a substitute for eggs which can be used in food production could mean a great reduction in the amount of waste and carbon emissions produced by chicken farms.

“I am delighted at the successful collaboration with Millennium Food-Tech,” said Racheli Vizman, SavorEat co-founder and CEO. “Our joint objective is to provide quality, healthy and tasty plant-based products to our consumers. We have discovered a great deal of potential in the company’s unique cellulose fibers, which we are translating into the development of additional products that will provide us with broader exposure to a greater variety of audiences, including vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians… We believe that leaving a footprint in an additional sector, apart from meat alternatives, will open up new business opportunities and enable us to continue doing what we have strongly believed in from the outset.”

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