Trump’s Favorite Nicknames On Twitter


President Trump certainly has a penchant for using nicknames when speaking about his political opponents, foreign leaders and media personalities. Joe Biden is an obvious example and he has been labelled “1 Percent Biden”, “Crazy Joe Biden”, “Quid Pro Joe”, “Sleepy Joe”, “SleepyCreepy Joe”, “Sleepy One” and “Very slow sleepy Joe” by the president. Trump has created nicknames for countless others as well, especially on Twitter.

The following infographic uses data from the Trump Twitter Archive to determine some of the nicknames appearing most frequently on the @realdonaldtrump Twitter account. Focusing on a selection of figures who he has tweeted about using nicknames, it accounts for the period from January 20, 2017 when he assumed office up to December 03, 2019. During that time frame, he has used “Crooked Hillary” to describe Hillary Clinton in 138 tweets while the nickname “Sleepy Joe” appeared in 36 tweets.

As impeachment proceedings gathered pace in recent weeks, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, has been mentioned increasingly often in Trump’s tweets. Since Trump came to office, “Shifty Adam Schiff” has appeared in 25 tweets, according to the Trump Twitter Archive.

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