Tura Estate Winery Producing Wines of Distinction


Photo Credit: Courtesy: Tura Winery

Grapes are one of the Seven Species for which the Land of Israel is praised, and so it comes as no surprise that since the Biblical times, the Holy Land has been renowned for its superb wines. The numerous ancient wine presses and vats discovered today attest to the great demand for Jewish wine.

In modern times, Israel has become a serious contender in the global wine market, concurrently developing a sophisticated wine culture. Today, Israel boasts some 35 commercial wineries and over 250 boutique wineries, providing the kosher consumer with a dazzling choice of excellent wines.



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Erez and Vered Ben Saadon, owners of the Tura Estate Winery, have earned the distinction of being the very first to grow grapes and produce wine in the rolling hills of the Shomron. Located in the community of Rechelim on Har Bracha, for close to two decades they’ve been producing highly acclaimed, award-winning red and white wines, available across the globe — in selected stores, hotels, and even on El Al flights.

The beauty of Tura Winery is that it combines the professionalism of a world-class winery together with the personal touch of a family business, where every customer is important, and every detail matters.

Humble Beginnings

The story of the Ben Saadons is an inspiration to many aspiring, like-minded entrepreneurs.  “We literally started from nothing,” recalls Vered, describing how she and Erez took the money they received as wedding gifts and, together with a passionate love for Israel, invested in the grape vines. “Erez took courses and went to learn firsthand in a plant nursery, while I studied at the University of Ariel.”

After a few years of selling their exceptional grapes to other wineries, in 2003, the Ben Saadons decided to take the initiative and strike out on their own and produce their own wine. The Ben Saadon’s first crop yielded 1,200 bottles, and by the next year, they more than doubled that amount. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response to those early attempts, Vered and Erez entered their first wine into the Eshkol Hazahav competition – and won! Their top-quality wines have gone on to win many more awards, in both local and international competitions.

As the business grew, so did the family. Today the Ben Saadons are the proud parents of five beautiful children, who also enjoy being involved in the business.

“We felt the Divine Providence that led us here,” says Vered. “We came to this place on Har Brachah, and that is what we have seen here — tremendous blessing. We are very grateful.”

Tura Visitor Center

Tura’s Visitor’s Center

Throughout the year, the Tura Winery Visitor’s Center is open to individuals and groups, with options for wine- and olive oil-tasting, with or without bread and cheese. Groups visits include the option for wine and oil tastings, ending with a gourmet meat or dairy meal. Prices are reasonable, and flexible according to the number of guests. Visits must be coordinated in advance.

Calling all history buffs! Explore the 3,500-year-old historical site of Tel Shilo followed by a visit to the winery for one inclusive price.

All Tura wines are lo mevushal, under the supervision of Machon L’Kashrus under Rav Mordechai Ungar of Monsey, the OU, Beit Yosef and Rav Avner Nechushtan, Rav of Rechelim.


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