Warmy Offers New Service to Get Your Promotional E-Mails Seen


Michael and Daniel Shnaider of Warmy (company courtesy)

Warmy is a new Israeli startup that basically “warms up” your e-mail address so that your business mails will be more likely to get through to their intended end targets. Founded in 2020, the company offers a refreshingly novel product, unlike most of its fellow Startup Nation firms that seem to be jumping on the bandwagons of fintech and cyber security.

Daniel Schnaider, 32, founded the company with his older brother Michael. The brothers have 6 academic degrees and 8 years of entrepreneurial experience between them. Daniel served in one of the IDF’s vaunted high tech units as a captain and even appeared on the Israeli version of the startup proposals show Shark Tank. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and an MBA.

Michael Shnaider has degrees in Information Systems, Computer Science and an MBA. He served in a special forces unit in the Israeli Air Force and was previously a product manager at the Israeli startup – AnyWord.

“We had a problem when we approached businesses with our own product. We got nowhere. We sent out e-mails, but no one ever responded,” Daniel explained to Jewish Business News.

So, what was the problem? Their company’s promotional e-mails simply did not get through to the people who needed to see them. And you already know why this is: Spam Filters. We all use them. They keep our inboxes clean of junk mails from advertisers. We only check them from time to time to make sure that no important mail got sent there by mistake. And then we click on the “delete forever” button to clean out the filter.

So, what did Daniel do?

“We looked, but we could not find any service that would help us to get our e-mails through to the end person. So we decided to create our own service and that became Warmy,” he told JBN.

And how, exactly, does Warmy take care of the problem for you? As Daniel described it, “it’s like a gym for your mails.” The reason ad mailing gets sent to spam – especially from lesser known businesses – is that they are not recognized by the algorithms that G Mail and others use. And so what is needed is a way to make your business’s name and your e mail address more recognizable to the algorithms. No, this means getting even more traffic out there.

It is the same way with Google searches. If you look up a famous person like Brad Pitt, Google will send you the most highly trafficked websites as the top search results. And in the same way, if you get a mail from a business like Microsoft or Apple it likely will not get sent to the spam folder.

But how do you make an e-mail address more recognizable? By using it more, of course. Warmy basically puts your mail address on sort of a treadmill where it sends mails back and forth between a wide variety of e mail addresses. In this way, it becomes more recognizable to the algorithms so that it will not be considered spam.

“Warmy built to automate everything, you just plug in your mailbox and the rest we will do for you. We detect your domain age, reputation, check the health of your inbox and according to this data we set the right pace for the warm-up.”

The service offers an unlimited number of messages per day and month. It uses sophisticated algorithms, along with the data Warmy collects about your domain and mailbox to “warm up in the best way possible!”

And users can track their progress too. Clients get a visible and clear dashboard with simple charts so as to be fully updated regarding the status of the process.

Warmy was also involved in helping the people in Ukraine when Russia invade the country at the end of February. They had an office in the country at the time. Soon after the fighting began, Warmy helped get the wives and children of their employees out of the country and to safety. The men, however, were not allowed to leave because they were eligible for the draft and were needed to stay behind and defend their nation from what the world has condemned as an illegal invasion.