Which are the five body parts people forget to clean in the shower?

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Dr. Jen Caudle has 90,000 loyal followers on TikTok and besides being a doctor, she’s a popular online commentator.

She recently uploaded a video that was viewed almost 2,000,000 times where she exposed bad hygiene habits and the five body parts that are overlooked in the shower.

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She began by addressing the men and pleaded with them to wash their navels. She said, “It’s really disgusting, please wash your navels.” 


She continued to the next neglected part which is the ears. 

Claudle claims that people don’t clean the upper part of their ears, as well as also behind the lobe. She stated that these areas need to be cleaned well. If they smell bad, then these areas haven’t been washed.

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The next area people forget to clean is their fingernails, where dirt and grime accumulate and get trapped. People don’t usually pay attention to those areas.


That’s not all. Claudle believes that many people don’t wash their legs. People need to scrub their legs with soap, not just let soapy water from shampoo or from body soap in the top half of their bodies run over them.

Washing the legs also includes cleaning between the toes which she says most people don’t do, yet Claudle thinks it’s crucial to clean between the toes to avoid infection. Actually, feet need to be dried well too in order to avoid fungal growth.