Will Apple give up on its foldable iPhone?


Apple froze development of its new foldable iPhone after screens provided by manufacturers did not meet the company’s strict testing standards, according to a report by Chinese technology blogger Fixed Focus Digital.

The report claimed that Apple tested a number of foldable devices from other companies as part of its research and development process, which has apparently been ongoing since 2016. One of the tested devices reportedly included a screen made by Samsung. The manufacturer is a key provider of display panels for Apple devices, and has reportedly supplied Apple with foldable screens in the past.

The report stated that Samsung is trying to improve its operational efficiency for the launch of Apple’s first foldable products, leveraging the experience gained in developing such devices since 2019.

Why can’t Apple make a foldable iPhone?

However, the source claimed that the new foldable screens from Samsung broke down after a few days under Apple’s rigorous internal testing, leading the company to freeze the entire project for the foreseeable future, or at least until developing a screen that can meet its tough standards.

An article published earlier in The Information claimed that Apple is actively building at least two prototype models of foldable iPhones after more than five years of research and development. The prototypes fold horizontally like a clamshell, but are not expected to appear in Apple’s product lineup until 2024 or 2025. The report noted that the foldable iPhones may still be canceled entirely if they do not meet Apple’s standards.