Yair Netanyahu Calls Kibbutzim Nazi


Yair Netanyahu Calls Kibbutzim Nazi

And now he even has his own podcast called The Yair Netanyahu Show.

Yair Netanyahu is the son of Israel’s Prime Minister. He thinks that being Binyamin Netanyahu’s son means that his opinion matters and now he has insulted an entire sector by comparing the Kibbutz movement to the nazis.

In an interview on the radio the young Netanyahu said, “Kibbutzim are something that doesn’t exist outside of North Korea. We always know how ideas for utopian societies end. In the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, there was a desire to create exemplary societies and utopian societies. It never ends well, the desire to engineer human society.”


Unlike in communist countries, the Kibbutzim in Israel were never centralized nor were they operated by the government. The Kibbutz was created over a century ago to fill a need. The early pioneers could not have succeeded as individual farmers or laborers and so groups came together and formed communal agricultural settlements. The kibbutz was the perfect marriage of socialist ideology and necessity.

Whatever one’s opinion of the kibbutz movement or the original kibbutz system, today few kibbutzim in Israel are still based purely on the need and deed creed. Yes they were based on a communist ethic originally, but their members were always free to leave at any time and in successive generations they changed.

But to compare them to Nazi Germany? WTF! How could he do that?

Yair Netanyahu appears to be emulating Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Jr., and Eric. Like that duo he has been acting as a mouthpiece for his father, getting in front of TV cameras whenever possible and raging against the Prime Minister’s opponents on social media. But he has no real standing and is merely a self-proclaimed pundit.

In this respect, he is behaving like all millennials. But Yair Netanyahu’s detractors slam him as a 29-year-old kid who still lives at home.

Just review Yair Netanyahu’s Twitter feed and you will see Tweets and re-Tweets of some very harsh rhetoric condemning the Israeli media for supposedly being biased against his father as well as attacks on Israel’s Supreme Court.

And now he even has his own podcast called The Yair Netanyahu Show.

But if young Netanyahu thinks that he is building his own political base through his activities then he is mistaken. Whenever Binyamin Netanyahu steps aside there will not really be any place for his children to become his presumptive political heirs. Other so-called Princess of the Likud in the past like Dan Meridor and Tzahi Hanegbi all built their political careers on their own merit through their professional work and work for the Likud Party.

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