You should take an orange into the shower – here’s why

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Tiktok creates trends for us all the time, some of them are crazy, some of them less so. Now, a new trend advising you to take an orange into the shower is starting to gain momentum. But why?

From hair masks made of various substances to extremely cold showers, people incorporate many different shower rituals into their daily routine.

Why would you shower with an orange?

But a particularly interesting one, maybe even a little strange, recently went around on social media: eating an orange in the shower.

The concept is simple: take an orange, get in the shower, turn on the water, and start peeling and eating it.

It’s not clear who first tried this shower experiment, but some link it to a 2015 Reddit post from a since-deleted account that described the “feel good” experience of taking an orange shower.

@au.stino Replying to @rxskiii oranges are just better eaten this way. #HolidayOREOke #oranges #fyp #relatable #foryou #explore #seekdiscomfort ♬ JD Agri Photography – Jack

Recently, the concept has reached new audiences on TikTok, where a growing number of videos are praising the virtues of this shower ritual.

A dietitian explains

“I first saw this concept on TikTok,” a dietician named Maggie Michalczyk told the Huffington Post.

“It was just a video of someone peeling an orange in a steamy shower with mellow music and no real context as to why. It looked really relaxing, and I could almost smell the citrusy orange from watching the video. I thought, ‘I’ve gotta try that because I bet it would be really energizing!’

Michalczyk tried the orange shower, and found that she enjoyed the way the shower steam intensified the orange scent.

“I feel like there’s a lot of wellness rituals that catch fire and anything that’s somewhat simple to do, but that could make you feel a little bit more energized or motivated, is something I think a lot of people are willing to try,” the dietician explained.

“I know for me personally, living in Chicago where we don’t get a lot of sunlight in the winter, I’ll try anything for a boost of energy on a gray day, which is another reason why eating an orange in the shower appealed to me.”

But what are the apparent benefits of eating an orange in the shower? Are they scientifically based? And are there any disadvantages?

Registered dietician and nutrition writer Alyssa Northrop explained: “People are trying out the TikTok trend of eating oranges in the shower because, supposedly, the shower’s heat enhances the smell and taste of oranges.”

“Peeling an orange in a steamy shower helps release that energizing aromatic citrus scent,” Michalczyk said.

As a result, the shower may feel more like a luxurious hotel or spa, and the smell of oranges can be particularly delightful.

Illustrative image of a shower. (credit: PXHERE)

“The shower humidity may grab the essential oils of the orange, especially released when peeling it, and circulate the smell around the especially small space of the shower,” registered dietitian nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner told the HuffPost.

“Eating oranges in the shower reminds me of using essential oils in a sauna or placing cucumber slices over your eyes in a steam bath,” Northrop said. “It can transform a daily task into an aromatic experience of relaxing self-care.”

So maybe give it a try yourself?