You’re using the bathroom wrong and it might be hurting you

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A UK doctor has unveiled a surprising truth about our bathroom habits that could be harmful to our health. This eye-opening advice has gained significant attention, with hundreds of thousands of viewers expressing their gratitude for the newfound knowledge.

Surgeon Dr. Karan Rajan, known as @dr.karanr on TikTok, has become an internet sensation with over 5 million followers. His expertise in various medical topics has garnered widespread interest. From measuring penis length without a ruler to discussing the dangers of retaining air in the stomach, Dr. Rajan shares valuable insights.

However, it was his latest video that truly captured the public’s attention.

Correct toilet posture

In this viral video, Dr. Rajan addresses the correct posture for sitting on the toilet, which can prevent issues like constipation and hemorrhoids while facilitating easier bowel movements. He advises placing a stool under your feet to relax the puborectalis muscle, allowing the anus to straighten and enabling smoother elimination.

Don’t panic written on an empty toilet paper roll (Illustrative). (credit: Jasmin Sessler/Unsplash)

This advice aligns with recommendations from gut experts who emphasize the importance of adopting this position during bathroom visits.


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