10 out of 100 world’s most promising companies for 2019 founded by Jewish people


The annual list of 100 of the world’s most promising startups to watch in 2019, chosen by business channel CNBC. We did not include startups that co-founded by Jewish people.

At least ten startups founded by Israelis or Jewish entrepreneurs were among the annual list of 100 of the world’s most promising startups to watch in 2019, chosen by the American business channel CNBC. We did not include startups that co-founded with Israelis or Jewish people.

The list was selected from more than 600 nominees globally, “showcases young startups that are building and scaling businesses addressing the rapidly changing technological era we live in,” CNBC said.

Each upstart was scored on eight equally weighted quantitative metrics. Each has raised up to $50 million in venture capital.
CNBC pointed out that of the 100 companies, 25 are led by women. The oldest startups founded less than five years ago. Forty are less than three years old and 11 were founded just last year.

Enterprise software, insurance, health care, retail, and cybersecurity have been particularly hot sectors for early-stage investors, CNBC said.

The Israeli or Jewish startups are as follow:


Helps railway and metro systems avoid service disruption and safety incidents by detecting cyber-attacks and facilitating an effective response before attacks occur. Cylus led by veterans of the Israel Defense Forces’ Intelligence Corps and top executives from the railway industry. The company has raised $17 million to date.

Founded  in 2017 by CEO Amir Levintal and Miki Shifman
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel
Industries: Cybersecurity, transportation, and logistics


Silverfort developed the first security platform enabling adaptive authentication provider and identity theft prevention for large enterprises. It protects all sensitive corporate assets, including systems that couldn’t be protected until today. The founders are graduates of the elite cyberteam of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) intelligent unit 8200. Top investors include Israeli VC firms TLV Partners and StageOne Ventures. The company has raised $11.5 million to date.

Founded in 2016 by CEO Hed Kovetz, Matan Fattal, and Yaron Kassner
Based in: Tel Aviv, Israel
Industry: Cybersecurity


Founded in 2016 by CEO Guy Tytunovich, Ehud Levy, Asaf Butovsky
Based in: Tel Aviv, Israel
Industries: Cybersecurity, media, and advertising

CHEQ is an AI-driven cybersecurity startup focused on plug-and-play solution which protects advertisers by detecting and removing the violent video, malicious accounts spreading fake news, and cyberbullying in real-time.

It also utilizes military-grade machine learning to protect advertisers from negative content association and digital ad fraud. The company has raised $5 million to date.


Foundered in 2014 by Dr. Assaf Glazer, Andrew Berman, and Tor Ivry
CEO: Sarah Dorsett
Israeli-founded: now based in New York City
Industry: Consumer technology

d connected through its mobile application. The camera captures the video recording of the child and analyzes the footage and shares insights based on the movement of the baby.

Nanit develops AI-based mobile application for baby-monitoring that tracks sound, motion, and sleep behavior via camera. The company provides comprehensive sleep reports on the corresponding mobile app. In addition, Nanit makes baby swaddles and infant apparel that’s synchronized with the device to track the child’s breathing motion. The company has raised $28.6 million to date.

 Daily Harvest

Founded in 2015 by CEO Rachel Drori
Based in New York City
Industries: Healthy Food, agriculture, delivery

Daily Harvest is an online subscription-based healthy food delivery overnight service that provides organic frozen soups, oats bowls, lattes, and breakfast options. Celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Serena Williams, Shaun White, and Bobby Flay have invested in the company. Daily Harvest has raised $43 million to date.


 Founded in 2016 by CEO Dr. Chris Mansi and David Golan
Israeli-founded now based in San Francisco
Industry: Health care

Viz.ai uses artificial intelligence to helps physicians identifies anomalies in brain scans and fast analyze CT scans for the diagnosis of strokes. Viz technology received FDA approval for its products in the US. Investors include Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, the AME fund of Yahoo! Founder Jerry Yang; and Danhua Capital, controlled by Alibaba founder Jack Ma as well as venture capital fund Kleiner Perkins. The company has raised $80.6 million to date.

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