5.5 Million votes, 3,000 Photographers from 40 ountries in The Dead Sea Photo Competition


Anyone who has ever visited the Dead Sea invited to share favorite pictures. Submissions for the photo competition run till May 21st.

 Photo credit Eytan Vitkon (organizers use permission)

More than 5.5 million votes, 3,000 photographers from 40 countries, including Jordan, Bahrain, and Kuwait involve in the first international photo competition for the Dead Sea.

Shared by Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority, the Dead Sea has been one of the most popular wonders of the world, enabling visitors to experience almost zero gravity when stepping into the highly concentrated salty waters.  But to the dismay of millions of visitors a year, a complex array of environmental, economic, and political factors are causing the Dead Sea to disappear at an alarming rate.

The global earth day initiative wishes to preserve its memory. Anyone who has ever visited the Dead Sea invited to share favorite photos. Submissions run till May 21st.

 Photo credit Marcin Włoch (organizers use permission)

Judges include Spencer Tunick, Roie Galitz, Casey Kelbaugh, and Keren Bar Gil. Sponsors include Epson & Prima Hotels. The contest and voting are conducted online at GuruShots.

Prizes will be awarded in the value of $6,000. The top 40 images will be displayed in a professional photo exhibition planned for September 16th at the Dead Sea Virtual Museum followed by displays and presentations in political, cultural, and educational institutions in Israel and the world.

The Dead Sea Celebrates Life with the First International Dead Sea Photo Competition 

The contest and voting are conducted online at GuruShots. Winners will be announced publicly in Fall 2020 at a press conference.

The awareness that the Dead Sea needed documentation came from Noam Bedein, Ari Leon Fruchter, and Oded Rahav. Noam is a photojournalist who’s been documenting and exploring the Dead Sea through time-lapse photography for the past 4 years.

Photo credit Tobi Cohen (organizers use permission)

Ari Leon Fruchter is a hi-tech executive and art collector whose family is amongst the founders of the Israel Museum.

Oded Rahav is an environmental activist who was the initiator and organizer of the historical Dead Sea swim-cross from Jordan to Israel, October 2016. Oded and his team have received world recognition in the Guinness World Record.

“This is a unique international tourist area,” said Aryeh Cohen, the head of the Megilot regional council, and Mr. Nir Vanger from the Tamar regional council. “The world’s lowest place uniquely combines one-of-a-kind virtues of nature, health, and human connections that exist only here. The international photo competition is an opportunity for exposure and the documentation the area is worthy, as well as the expression of and express internationality and the special human connections that exist in it”.

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