6 Common Things in Your Home That Could Be Worth a Lot of Money


 By Contributing Author

According to a Nielsen Survey sponsored by eBay, the average American household has nearly $3,100 worth of unused items. That’s a lot of money just sitting in our homes, garages, and attics waiting to be tapped. Instead of letting these items just sit there and collect dust, then, it makes sense that you try to sell them. Recycling is the way of the future after all! And just because you might not be taking advantage of something doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t put it to good use. Here are six common things that you probably have in your home that could be sold for good money rather than thrown away:


Even if you don’t have children, you might still have toys from your childhood for which collectors would pay a lot of money. Cabbage Patch Dolls, Beanie Babies, Hot Wheels, 1980s action figures and even some vintage McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are just a few of the old playthings that might be worth hundreds — even thousands — of dollars!


A book doesn’t have to be particularly old to be valuable; first editions and signed copies of certain titles can be just as rare, demanding top dollar from avid readers and collectors alike. Thus, in addition to rounding up older volumes, scan your shelves for Harry Potter books and look for books that have been inscribed or that have unique bindings or artwork. You might even be able to sell textbooks if they remain up-to-date with few notes and highlights.


Most people have at least one hand-me-down small appliance that was sent away with them as they moved into their first apartment. Maybe it was mom’s old mixer or the percolator Grandma used to help entertain members of her flower guild. Some vintage appliances are still in vogue with collectors either preferring their retro look or believing them to be of higher quality than modern versions. Capitalize on their interest by digging through your cabinets for any old kitchen gadgets not currently being used.


You might not have a Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, but you might have some coins that could be melted down for the silver they contain or that have other features that make them rare and, therefore, valuable. Some 2005 Kansas quarters, for instance, have a printing error that reads “In God We Rust.” These coins have sold for up to $100! Dig into old pockets to see what change you turn up!

Gift Cards

If you haven’t used that gift card that Great Aunt Sally gave you for your 33rd birthday five years ago, the chances are pretty good that you really don’t need it. Fortunately, there are sites that buy and resell unwanted gift cards, making it easy for you to actually pick up something you do want or need.


  1. This might be a stretch. There’s probably not a lot of people who have an unused car sitting around. But for those that do, the benefit could be staggering. Even a car that looks like a beater with pockets of rust and missing wheels can be transformed with a help of a classic car restoration expert, so it’s worth it to consider selling it outright to the right type of buyer. Many car enthusiasts have no qualms about buying a junker if they have the means to properly restore it. And even if the whole car isn’t worth much, you can often sell the car’s parts individually and make a bundle.

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