Anti-Netanyahu Protests: Thirty arrested and three policemen were injured in clashes in Jerusalem


In the ninth week of Anti-Netanyahu Protests, police and demonstrators clashed in Paris Square near the prime minister’s residence. Dozens were forcibly dragged and arrested.

Anti-Netanyahu protest / photo by Uri kadish filming his 68 years old father arrent/ Twitter

Anti-Netanyahu protest/photo by Uri Kadish, filming his 68 years old father arrest/ Twitter

In the ninth week of Anti-Netanyahu Protests, severe clashes broke out last night (Saturday) between police and demonstrators who gathered in Paris Square near the prime minister’s residence. 

30 protesters were arrested during the protest, as 10,000 demonstrated Saturday night in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem demanding his resignation. two rushed to the hospital for medical help, three policemen were injured in unprecedented clashes in a protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Deputy Chief of Staff Nisso Guetta recorded a blow and dragged with a demonstrative force. He was later filmed forcefully arresting a protester while hitting him in the head. photographed holding a demonstrator to the ground by pressing his neck. According to police, Nisso had been attacked. The incident will be investigated, police said.

This morning, three suspects will be brought before the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court for a hearing on the extension of detention, including a suspect in the assault of the police officer who confessed to his assault. Seven other suspects who refused to be released on restrictive conditions will also be brought in for a hearing on the conditions of release.

The commander of the Zion area of ​​the police, Lt. Gen. Ofer Shomer, referred to the violent incidents, “The evening was violent on the part of the protesters,” he said. “A policeman was punched in the head and another policeman snatched a stone. This is something we have not seen until now.  People need to take responsibility and understand that if it becomes a show of hatred against the police, the police will not be deterred.”

The protesters, for their part, claimed that two people needed medical treatment at a hospital. This is a woman who claims to have been pushed to the floor by a police officer and another protester who claimed to have been pushed to the floor as well and beaten.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The protesters sat down on the floor, shouting “You will not be a commissioner” to Jerusalem District Commander Superintendent Doron Yadid, who they claim is hurting the protest in order to please the Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana.

Simultaneously with the protests in Jerusalem, thousands of members of the Quality Government in Israel came to a demonstration in Rally Square in Caesarea in front of the prime minister’s house, and spread out on more than a hundred bridges and intersections across the country under the headline “Corrupt are tired.”

 Anti-Netanyahu demonstrates on bridges across the country (Photo Black Flags)

Singer Hemi Rodner called for more artists to join the protest in Caesarea: “You are locked in the house on purpose. Do not be afraid, go out.” A 50-year-old from Pardes Hanna who arrived at the demonstration with a black mask was detained for questioning after refusing to identify himself to the police. About ten of Netanyahu’s supporters demonstrated for him on the spot.

Prof. Yaron Zelicha said in Caesarea: “We are in mortal danger to society, the economy, national security, and democracy. The corrupt man from Balfour street has dragged a long line of danger to our country. You crushed the self-employed and small businesses in this crisis – and you embraced Elowitz and Teshuva. In incitement, corruption, and madness – zero from zero in managing the corona crisis. ”

The movement of black flags also continued today with the “bridge protest”, after last week the protesters demonstrated more than 300 bridges and intersections across the country. According to the black flags, “Nine weeks that the people of Israel go out in a huge protest against the defendant’s dysfunction. The economy is plummeting, there are about a million unemployed, the epidemic is raging – and Bibi is busy dragging the country to another election “He does not care about the unemployed, the hungry, the dreams of entire families who are thrown into a future of poverty. We will continue to fight for a good future for the State of Israel.”

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