Active adult users create majority of TikTok content in US


A new study published by the Pew Research Center on Thursday reveals the way in which US adults use TikTok. 

Figures show that 98%, of the majority of public content posted on TikTok is created by 25% of users, in fact, a minority of very active adult users.

In accordance with these findings, half of the adult users of TikTok say they rarely or never posted a video on the platform, with most saying they neglect adding information to their bio as well. 

When divided by age groups, the numbers offer an interesting insight into the daily use of the platform. Users aged 18-34 are more likely to use TikTok than older generations. However, only half of the users within this age group have posted on the site, a number similar to that of users aged 35-49.

The TikTok logo is pictured outside the company’s U.S. head office in Culver City, California, US, September 15, 2020. (credit: REUTERS/MIKE BLAKE/FILE PHOTO)

Users’ engagement on TikTok

The study also showed interesting patterns with regard to users’ engagement on TikTok.

The study found that active users on the platform are those who post videos, with the average user posting six public videos. Such users follow more accounts, with posters following four times the amount of accounts of non-posters. Posters have more followers, customize their bios; and are interested in the content that appears on the “For You” page, a feed specially tailored to the user’s interests.

The “For You” page has the majority of users’ approval, according to the study. 85% of users state its content is of interest, while 40% think it is extremely so. Only a small minority, some 14% of users say the personalized feed is unexciting.    

Among those who find the “For You” feed interesting are users aged 18-34. Interestingly, 47% of such users spoke of their enthusiasm for the page while only 36% of users aged 35-49 and 31% of users aged 50 and above said the same.