Anti-Netanyahu Protests Growing: More Than 40,000 People Demonstrated on Saturday Night


More than 40,000 demonstrated in Jerusalem, 16 arrested for “public disorder” 15,000 protested in front of the prime minister’s residence.

Efrat from Cochav Yair wrote: “I am a mother to three soldiers in the combat field – Am I a traitor???” credit Ofer Koch, Facebook

On the tenth consecutive weekend of Anti-Netanyahu protests across the country: more than 40,000 people demonstrated last night (Saturday) in Jerusalem against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in front of his official residence in Balfour Street.

According to the “Black Flags” organization, the number of demonstrators in the capital is much larger and stands at 40,000 people. Thousands more demonstrated at dozens of bridges and intersections across the country and hundreds also demonstrated in front of Netanyahu’s private home in Caesarea.

During the demonstration, police detained or arrested 16 protesters for “violating public order.” One of them is suspected of throwing a bottle at the police officers on the spot. At the end of the demonstration, few remained and refused to evacuate, despite police demands. Some of them lay on the road, even after the police opened the intersection to traffic. Individual demonstrators were forcibly evicted and others were given reports in the amount of NIS 250.

39,000 בני אדם הגיעו אמש לכיכר פריז בירושלים, בואכה מעון המושחתים בבלפור. איך אני יודע? ספרנו את כולם במדוייק‼️מי…

Posted by Ofer Koch on Saturday, August 29, 2020

“This is our tenth week on the bridges and in Balfour,” said one of the protesters in Jerusalem, Jordan Schwartzman. “We will win this war of attrition. We will not accept a situation in which a criminal accused destroys the State of Israel. We have a wonderful country with wonderful people, we deserve an honest or straightforward prime minister who is concerned with the people of Israel and not with justice.”

Dozens of Breslav Hasidic joined the protest against Netanyahu and Corona projector Prof. Roni Gamzo in Jerusalem, demanding that an outline be formulated that would allow thousands of worshipers to arrive at Rabbi Nachman from Breslav to visit his grave in Uman ahead of Rosh Hashanah.

The followers carried signs that read, “The liar Netanyahu, go home,” “You lost our voice,” and “You are a liar.” They also shouted “Balfour, here we come,” with Hassidic prayer songs playing in the rift.

Anti Netanyahu protest in Jerusalem/ screenshot

 The other protesters in the capital applauded the Hasidic protesters. Daniel Planker, who demonstrates every Saturday night in Paris Square in the capital, said: “We are working on unions, that all communities and people living things will connect to build a new contract between us, based on respect between people.”

Shulamit Ashkenazi, who has been participating in the demonstrations for six months, added: “This is a historic moment. MK Ahmad Tibi (joint list), who joined the protest, was also received with applause.

Last night, Lt. Col. Nisso Guetta, an officer in the Zion Operations Division, was seen in Jerusalem, against whom an investigation was opened following last week’s documentation in which he was seen attacking a demonstrator. Protestor shouted slogans against Guetta: “Guetta is a criminal, he is serving the dictator.” A similar shout was made against the commander of the Jerusalem district, Superintendent Doron Yedid.

Anti Netanyahu protest in ‎Weizmann Institute of Science – credit: Shirly David

A demonstration was also held in front of Netanyahu’s private home in Caesarea, organized by the Movement for the Quality of Government.

Hundreds of people gathered there and shouted, among others: “The people demand legal justice”, “We the majority went out into the street”, “Capital of the rule of the underworld” and “An entire generation demands a future”.

The demonstrators first marched from Rally Square to the street where Netanyahu’s house is located in the city, where dozens of Likud activists demonstrated in front of them. Cops parted ways between the two sides.

In a demonstration in Caesarea, former chief of staff Dan Halutz spoke, sharply attacking Netanyahu’s behavior. “As in the royal courts of sultans and kings, any of the ministers in his government, who dares to raise a head is moved aside,” said Halutz. “Those who have not yet been moved are charged as criminals. ”

Halutz claimed that Netanyahu had failed miserably in dealing with the coronavirus crisis, and addressed the prime minister: “You are trying to distance yourself from responsibility by appointing a projector, but sabotaging his chances of success from the first moment. You do not let him exhaust his work plan, all out of poor political considerations. When the time comes, you will lay the blame on him. If the situation improves, it’s because of our wonderful medical system and not because of you. ”

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