Are journalists being replaced by AI? Kuwait has a virtual news anchor


A new AI-generated news presenter has made its debut in Kuwait, marking a ground-breaking development in the world of media.

The virtual anchor, named “Fedha”, made her first appearance on a local news network Twitter, sporting a black jacket and white T-shirt and delivering the latest news and headlines in a neutral and professional tone, according to The Guardian.

“Fedha is a popular, old Kuwaiti name that refers to silver…We always imagine robots to be silver and metallic in color, so we combined the two,” deputy editor in chief for Kuwait Times and Kuwait News, Abdullah Boftain said.

The development of this AI news anchor marks a significant milestone in the field of journalism, as it represents a new era in the way news is delivered to the public.

To replace or not to replace? That is the question

Artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT are changing the world (Illustrative). (credit: PIXABAY)

According to the creator of the technology, the AI-generated news presenter uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to read and interpret news stories and then presents them in a manner that is indistinguishable from a human news anchor.

The use of AI-generated news presenters has been a topic of discussion in the media industry for some time, with many experts predicting that the technology will eventually replace human news anchors altogether.

Despite the potential benefits of AI-generated news presenters, the technology has also sparked concerns about the future of journalism and the role of AI in the media industry.

Critics argue that the use of AI-generated news presenters could lead to a loss of jobs for human news anchors and could also lead to the spread of biased or inaccurate information if the algorithms are not properly monitored.

However, proponents of the technology argue that it could help to increase the speed and accuracy of news delivery and could also help to reduce the potential for human error and bias.

Regardless of the potential risks and benefits, the debut of Fedha in Kuwait represents a significant step forward in the development of AI-generated news presenters and is likely to have a major impact on the future of the media industry.