Are you the type of person who doesn’t care what people say about him?

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There are various optical illusions, some tricking the mind and others revealing hidden aspects of your personality. The next drawing can unveil your personality type, depending on what you see first.

You can see a rocky mountain in a desert landscape in the photo. However, some surfers noticed a massive foot in the desert. This illusion was shared by viral TikTok star @charlesmariot, who frequently posts optical illusions for his million followers. His page has garnered 47.4 million likes from surfers all over the web.

So, what did you see first?

According to the content’s author, the meanings differ, so take another look. He said, “If you noticed the rock first, it indicates you are realistic and ambitious. You don’t waste time worrying about what people say or think about you because you focus on achieving your goals. However, you rely on others to be there for you in times of need.”

At the same time, he explained that if you saw the foot, the meaning is entirely different. “Seeing the foot shows that you are a highly independent person. You rarely express your feelings unless you are with close friends or family. It can weigh on you and sometimes cause frustration,” Marriott concluded.